A Bottle of Blessed Brew. Enjoy!

So rambled the fields Osmotar, the beer-preparer, brewer of the drink refreshing. Pekko, the god of crops, takes the barley, boils the barley, could not brew the beer delicious. Thus did Osmotar rubbed her hands together, rubbed another time, produced a clever animal kingdom – a squirrel, a fox, a marten. Thus instructed she her creatures: gather seasons, flowers of the field and forests. Quickly hastened forth the beings. Osmotar, the beer-preparer, takes the bearings, lays in brew. Thus the first beer was made.

Our Story

St. Barley was founded by a group of beer lovers, brewing enthusiasts and branding professionals. Based in Helsinki Finland, our company is on a search for the best organic recipes and flavours, with the most consistent and appealing stories to go with them. We provide very transparent communication about our ethical process, and simple ingredients that make our beers. Our products have ingredients that can be clearly tracked back to their origins.


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